2017 Pinot Noir Russian River Valley mimmä

Single vineyard Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, co-ferment of clones 115 and 777.



At times, as one samples through barrels, some really stand out in a way that tells you they need an audience of their own. mimmä. Sumerian for “whatever…”, a blend that will comprise our favorite barrels going forward. In 2017 vintage it happened to be 2 barrels of clones 115 and 777, from this Russian River Valley area vineyard. Clone 115 is often good enough to stand out on its own, and 777 here adds color and structure. In this vineyard does really well with both 115 and 777, allowing them to really shine as a blend. Very typical RRV nose, rich and full with notes of red fruits, wild berries, cola, sassasfras and black tea,  followed by plush mid palate of red fruits, cherry, with a clean and long finish. 50% new French oak.